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MandrakeSoft was created in November 1998 by several linux enthusiasts met on the internet. The original idea of this start-up was to promote linux for all users, and not just for the experts. They decide to create a distribution with a Graphical desktop interface more convivial and easier to use. The GPL license (General Public License) governs the development and redistribution of Mandrake Linux. This license provides everyone the right to copy, distribute, examine, modify and improve the system as long as the results of these modifications are returned to the community. It is this development model that allows Mandrake Linux to collect the best ideas from developers & users from across the globe to result in a rich variety of techniques and solutions.

During this training period of six month, from 1st July to 31th December, at MandrakeSoft, I have worked on three differents main projects on the topic of the Mandrake Linux system configuration. More precisely on servers and more globally on the Linux operating system.

Configuration and more precisely those of Linux server is sometime really hard and the complexity of parameters get in trouble also experts. My job was to get it easier by building some wizards.

The first projet I worked on was Drakwizard. This is a wizard loader. It is based on modules wich are specific to a service to configure (Mail, Web, File sharing, etc...). By now, more than ten wizards are available. A previous version was programmed in Java but was not updated from about two years. This project was in fact a translation of this version to Perl (Pratical Extraction and Reporting Language) in a first time. Then, I have had to complete the first version on wich about 30% of the whole fonctonnalies required by the modules was implemented. So I have finalised the Drakwizard program itself and mainly the modules which represent the most of work.

Then, I was involved in the Naat (Network Appliance Administration Tool) Team. Naat allow you to administrate computer over the internet or simply on the local host via a web interface. This new version is a total remake of the two previous versions. It is also based on modules for each services. I have had to finalize this project to make a demonstration to investor. No modules was ever implemented so I have had to develop them and complete the loader for last minute bug due to how new was the modules for the loader.

Finaly, and to close my training period I have worked on DrakConnect. This is yet another configuration tool but for connection management. This is a wizard for Lan, modem, cable and Adsl configurations.

During this training period I have improved my knowledge of the Linux operating systeme and its configuration.

In conclusion, this experience in the free software and linux community, both in full expension, is a major asset in many data-processing sectors but beyond the specific competences acquired in this domain it is very developing to have contributed its share to free software.